Potpourri Pan America: a madman, not a political activist, people; and how about the Pima County sheriff — how stable and impartial a lawman is he; plus the father of the child victim speaks of maintaining our freedoms…


1.  “Madman”  — folks, don’t make him out to be a political activist of any stripe, be sensible!

2.  Pima County Sheriff  — an ignorant buffoon or a dangerous political opportunist, worse than any of those whom he criticizes, seemingly in order to stifle political dissent overall.

3.  Chris Cillizza — don’t always agree with him but worth reading this column.

4.  President Obama stirs up violence? —   how about the press calling him on it…  How about the Democratic sheriff of Pima County calling him on it…

5. silence the freedom of speech— ” the pot calling the kettle black”?

6.  Don’t restrict the freedoms of decent people  — well said by the father of child shooting victim Christina Taylor Green, even while in deep grief.