Potpourri Pan America: a madman, not a political activist, people; and how about the Pima County sheriff — how stable and impartial a lawman is he; plus the father of the child victim speaks of maintaining our freedoms…


1.  “Madman”  — folks, don’t make him out to be a political activist of any stripe, be sensible!

2.  Pima County Sheriff  — an ignorant buffoon or a dangerous political opportunist, worse than any of those whom he criticizes, seemingly in order to stifle political dissent overall.

3.  Chris Cillizza — don’t always agree with him but worth reading this column.

4.  President Obama stirs up violence? —   how about the press calling him on it…  How about the Democratic sheriff of Pima County calling him on it…

5. silence the freedom of speech— ” the pot calling the kettle black”?

6.  Don’t restrict the freedoms of decent people  — well said by the father of child shooting victim Christina Taylor Green, even while in deep grief.


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  1. I’m wondering if anyone else is having this thought…

    Remember post the VT shootings the media was all about not using the guys name under the premise they shouldn’t glorify him in any way shape or form?!?
    Anyone else seeing a near polar opposite on the MSM’s appetite with this story line?

    I like the rest of the round up too. In fact as a rule I really enjoy your round ups,a niche for you perhaps?

    • Good point, Alfie, about the VT shooter and the MSM coverage… Seems some in the news media, regardless of past pronouncements, were raring to publicize the guys name because it fit their instant notion that the tragedy in Arizona was directly the result of the anti illegal immigration Arizona law and of Tea Party activism — and they wanted to use the violence to further politically demonize those with whom they disagree …
      They are failing, it seems.

  2. He is scary and Im dumbfounded that some people say radio hosts like Rush are to blame for his crazy actions

  3. That is one scary-looking mass murderer. How in hell did he get as far as he did?

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