Potpourri Pan America: “Where are the (American) federales” — Mexico inches toward “failed state” status?


[Photo from WhatMexico.com]

Examples of violence in some Mexican “border cities”:

1.  Matamoros, Mexico  and Reynosa, Mexico  — No “snow birds”   crossing from Texas into this area, probably. 

3.  Nuevo Laredo, Mexico   —  a major  commercial and tourist crossover  point on the Texas Border.

4.  Ciudad Juarez, Mexico — a major commercial crossover point on the Texas border, and, apparently, more people apparently died there last year due to the drug cartels than in Iraq and Afghanistan.

6.  Nogales, Mexico —  It’s a small city, but a major crossover of drugs and illegal immigrants into Arizona.  Wanna play in the national parks in Arizona?  Some are so upset with security that they are about to pass a law directed at President Obama’s re-election bid…

7.  Tijuana, Mexico —  A major  commercial and tourist crossover on the California border. Anybody for surfing in Baja?

Examples of violence in a few Mexican tourist cities:

1.  Cancun, MexicoAcapulco, Mexico ,  Monterrey, Mexico — vacation time anyone?  The rates   are cheap…