Potpourri Pan America: “Where are the (American) federales” — Mexico inches toward “failed state” status?


[Photo from WhatMexico.com]

Examples of violence in some Mexican “border cities”:

1.  Matamoros, Mexico  and Reynosa, Mexico  — No “snow birds”   crossing from Texas into this area, probably. 

3.  Nuevo Laredo, Mexico   —  a major  commercial and tourist crossover  point on the Texas Border.

4.  Ciudad Juarez, Mexico — a major commercial crossover point on the Texas border, and, apparently, more people apparently died there last year due to the drug cartels than in Iraq and Afghanistan.

6.  Nogales, Mexico —  It’s a small city, but a major crossover of drugs and illegal immigrants into Arizona.  Wanna play in the national parks in Arizona?  Some are so upset with security that they are about to pass a law directed at President Obama’s re-election bid…

7.  Tijuana, Mexico —  A major  commercial and tourist crossover on the California border. Anybody for surfing in Baja?

Examples of violence in a few Mexican tourist cities:

1.  Cancun, MexicoAcapulco, Mexico ,  Monterrey, Mexico — vacation time anyone?  The rates   are cheap…

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  1. It does seem to point to the drug cartels, just like it was in Colombia awhile back.
    All the actions taken by Colombia involving all the segments of its society helped steer it to significant stability, but Mexican society of all segments has yet to mobilize to do the same, it seems.

    The U.S.A.’s policy, also, is apparently incoherent as far as the use of illegal drugs in the country is concerned, so that does not help… We spend millions in Mexican aid trying to stop the transmission and growing of illegal drugs, but in this country the feds and some states try to legalize or condone the use of illegal drugs…
    I have heard of several Mexican government officials and news media commentators who say that they are dumbfounded that America has a particular liberal segment that seems to condone the use of illegal drugs, while complaining that Mexico needs to curtail the drug traffic into the U.S.A.,!… Or that there are Americans who say that the way to defeat the use of illegal drugs is to legalize it… I wrote a post about this awhile back, of those who seem to think that the way the war on drugs can be won, in effect, is to declare victory by legalizing all “illegal drugs”,,,

    Another problem is that some in America have politicized the illegal drug problem by coupling it with illegal immigration, and so the border is not secured because totally controlling/sealing the border might be seen as “racist” or because those who appeal to the American Latino vote do not wish possibly to alienate that segment…

    • Excellent observations on the illegal drugs issue – makes one wonder if America’s ineffectiveness has been encouraged by the mountains of drug money that tend to be spread around to those who aid the business.

      The U.S. has spent a lot of money, time and support of other kinds in addressing the problem in Columbia and it begs the question as to why we have not proffered the same to Mexico – unless such aid has been already offered and rejected.

  2. This is a very disturbing situation involving one of our closest neighbors. It is difficult to properly evaluate (given the hysterical/inaccurate/often misleading coverage through the American media), but it does appear that civil order in Mexico is close to breaking down. Is there any other reason for this calamity other than the escalating violence associated with the drug cartels? What might be actions that can be taken to pull Mexico back from the brink?

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