Pay attention to Egypt, but what about Mexico next door?

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Often and continually or continuously, the American government seems to be reacting to trouble spots around the world, not anticipating them and beforehand working to defuse them, even when the problems are right next door to its borders, such as in Mexico…

Now that the Egyptian problem has ignited and is possibly on the verge of exploding into an all-consuming  conflagration with potentially profound possibilities, of course it deserves attention, but the problems that are undermining Mexican society need to be addressed  aggressively right now, too, so that those problems don’t lead to a conflagration as well, within our southern border area — much closer to us than Egypt and the Middle East … As our citizens on the Borderlands have long noticed, it is bad enough already, while  it seems our politicians look the other way.

Full speed ahead right now on solving the immigration problems, the drug cartel problems and overall all the problems   that have arisen and/or have worsen because the Obama Administration has not paid full attention to Mexico, specifically, and Latin America overall…


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  1. OH!
    How wise are thou! But there is a plan ready in hand
    Its late, Its late

    “Often and continually or continuously, the American government seems to be reacting to trouble spots around the world, not anticipating them and beforehand working to defuse them, even when the problems are right next door to its borders, such as in Mexico…”

  2. One of the most insidious points of reactionary politics imo is that the folks weigh the outcome of the reaction.If we were collectively proactive,actually having some principles and plans….wow that would be something.

  3. Again, excellent observations. One would certainly think that more attention would be paid to potential disasters that are growing, literally, on our doorstep. The Obama administration, unfortunately, is well known for its sympathetic policies toward despots, dictators and other thugs on the international scene (let alone our home-grown varieties that populate not only civilian sectors but also certain segments of the government).

    Inept action is the trademark of Obama and his minions and I fear that will not change for the next couple of years. Plenty of time for the wouldbe anarchists to stir up as much trouble as they can to destabilize world order.

    • Sympathetic to and docile in the face of those “thugs” and deviates of the world stage, you well express it, Maine

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