Person of the Week: Sara Salazar

 Sara Salazar

[AP photo]

Person of the Week:  Sara Salazar, from the state of Chihuahua in northern Mexico across from El Paso, Texas — though she and her family are under attack from criminal entities in their country, at great personal peril they persist in their struggle…

Her daughter, Mexican human rights activist Josefina Reyes Salazar was killed last year presumably by lawless elements who opposed her campaign against the violence currently pervasive in Mexican society —   and yesterday, the dead bodies of two of her siblings and of a sister-in-law were found in the area of Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico.  They were reportedly killed to keep others from continuing to complain about the deterioration of law and order in Mexico in general  and to keep the family  from speaking up against the criminals and against those governmental agencies who wish that they would cease drawing attention to Mexico’s problems.

Violence in the Middle East deserves attention, but the upheavals so close to America’s border must not be overlooked…


Potpourri Pan America:

 Has anyone seen this man in Libya or traveling abroad with a blond, voluptuous nurse at his side? A handsome rascal he is, you say…

1.  Kadafi going to Hugo and both going where? — Kadafi is under siege

2.  Rush does not mince words — does Rush have a point?

3.  Wisconsin students can’t read?   — Blame the teachers or the newly elected governor?

4.  Anotherone who does not mince words — “Rummy” still tells it like it is…

5.  Evo also on the run?   — The indigenous leader finds out it’s harder to govern than to exhort.

Person of the Week: ex president Jimmy Carter: yes, really

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[Photo from University of Iowa news service.]

Jimmy Carter for continually trying to insert himself into the public eye to appear relevant and to sell books,  Person of the Week…  It hurts, we know…   He indicates that the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt apparently is a peaceful freedom loving organization and seems not to fear them one iota… 

Everyone knows how valued his opinion is  given his leadership in the Iranian Fiasco during  his presidency…  Person of the Week, Mr. Carter, for shining a spotlight on those such as himself who seem to exemplify personal and professional incompetence and who continually and shamefully  pursue  money and self-indulgence, to the detriment of their country…

President Obama concerned with the Wisconsin budget crisis, but less so with the Federal budget monstrosity and Americans being killed in Mexico?

 [Photo from Fox News — Jaime Zapata, federal agent, killed.]

U.S. officials say Jaime Zapata, a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent, was killed and another agent wounded while driving through northern Mexico Tuesday.

What’s it all about?… 

American is killed in Mexico, while seemingly the president is clueless about what to do   about it…   Events in Latin America are spinning out of control and our leadership is clueless?

And as if he did not have enough to keep him busy in Washington, he tries to tell the government of Wisconsin how to solve its budget crisis…   President Obama continues driving the nation into bankruptcy, but erroneously believes, haughtily(?), that he is so knowledgeable and has so much free time on his hands that he can dwell on criticizing the government of Wisconsin for trying to balance its state budget.

Plain chutzpah or simply something worse?

Just sayin’…

Potpourri Pan America: Spanish soldiers are Sons of the American Revolution?; and more


1.  The Obama White House not so transparent — how many can say “I told you so”, but why hasn’t the majority of the news media made much of fuss about it?

2.  Maricopa County Sheriff Arpaio currently a formidable possible candidate — contender for the upcoming open senate office in Arizona…  Run Joe run, Run Joe run!!!???

3.  Bolivian Leader Evo Morales meets his “Agua Loo” — Yes, Mr. indigenous leader of the indigenous people of Bolivia might be losing his karma…

4.  Spiegel belatedly praises Bush? —  yup. sounds like it, but who else does?

5.  Spanish soldiers recognized as “sons of the American Revolution”?! —  the New World made strange bedfellows or is it something else?

Person of the Week: Oprah Winfrey

 [Photo from Politico]Oprah wants 'respect' for Obama

Oprah Winfrey , Person of the Week, for apparently inadvertently drawing attention to  a view prevalent among a significant segment of the news media that because he is the first Black American President of the United States of America,  people ought not criticize Barack Obama  — and as a corollary to that assertion,  that anyone who does criticize him is a racist…

Ms Winfrey campaigned for Mr.Obama during his quest for the presidency, but at that time did not rail against  the vicious criticism leveled at then president George W. Bush — so it seems that now she could simply be attempting to shield her friend and fellow prominent Black American mainly because of her personally close connection to the current president. 

A fair conclusion could be that for self-serving reasons, Oprah Winfrey wishes simplistically to diminish, deflect or eliminate any criticism of the President, and does so by extolling the importance of The Presidency itself…

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