Potpourri Pan America: ElBaradai, a neutered lap dog for Obama or……? And more…


1.  1974: Time Magazine says world climate is  getting colder — how ’bout them cold apples, Mr. TIME man, you were right, talk to Al , why don’t you…  The world is always getting warmer and colder …   [Anyone old enough to remember the Ice Age? (just kidding.)]…  Or,  as the “Witch Doctor” says, it’s too hot because it’s too cold…    We’re freezing because we’re burning,  or something like that!…   I get it — huh?…

2.  First Matthews get a thrill up his leg from Obama and now Bill does the same for him… — what’s up with Chris?!

3.  The Obama Administration is very secretive because it is very open —  Rep. Issa has to understand that it is very hot, because it is very cold…  Mr.Issa, you can do it, turn the heat up even more altho’  it is very cold…  It’s a conundrum within an enigma (or something like that) that can be solved with a few subpoenas and Hearings from the Super Issa man…

4.  It’s not bad enough that Mexico is drowning in bad government and drugs   — but is also easily slurred, with no critique from the main liberal news media… 

5.  Obama no real friend of Israel  ?– Israel was right in its assessment?…

6.  El Baradai, is he a lap dog of President Obama?   — and will the Muslim Brotherhood neuter him quickly  and attack Israel, or has Mohamed already been done?!


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  1. The president does not know what he is doing about Egypt and should do whatever helps Israel He’s going to mess things up some more.

  2. Ref:

    1. Just saw a “climatologist” on a news show who advised that we had better get used to rough winters because the weather cycle is turning back toward colder and we can expect winters similar to what we had in the late ’70’s. True science in action.

    3. The Obama Administration is an exercise in hypocrisy.

    5. Israel is not a dictatorship of a thugocracy. Why should Obama befriend them. The key to understanding this guy is to recall that he spent much of his preteen life in a Muslim country and much of his adolesence under the spell of committed Marxists. Nice influences, eh?

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