Baseball honcho Antonio Castro, son of Fidel: it’s a small world!


[Photo of Antonio Castro, from EL DIA, Bolivian newspaper]

Because the Press is flooding the print and air waves making instant herd analyses of who and what is up and whomever or whatever is down in Egypt, PANAM decided the world can afford to take a break from his own viewpoint for a day or more!…  Also, given that in the last month or so there have been countless hits on the PAN AMERICAN WORLD sports sites, today have decided to include at least a small piece about international sports… 

Antonio Castro, Vice president of the International Federation of Baseball:  it is being announced  in the Saturday February 5 edition of EL DIA newspaper of Bolivia that Major league Baseball of the U.S.A. is increasing its financial support of the organization in order to expand the development of baseball internationally… 

Reportedly this Mr. Castro is non other than a son of Cuban Communist leader Fidel…  Who’d a thunk it

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