Person of the Week: Oprah Winfrey

 [Photo from Politico]Oprah wants 'respect' for Obama

Oprah Winfrey , Person of the Week, for apparently inadvertently drawing attention to  a view prevalent among a significant segment of the news media that because he is the first Black American President of the United States of America,  people ought not criticize Barack Obama  — and as a corollary to that assertion,  that anyone who does criticize him is a racist…

Ms Winfrey campaigned for Mr.Obama during his quest for the presidency, but at that time did not rail against  the vicious criticism leveled at then president George W. Bush — so it seems that now she could simply be attempting to shield her friend and fellow prominent Black American mainly because of her personally close connection to the current president. 

A fair conclusion could be that for self-serving reasons, Oprah Winfrey wishes simplistically to diminish, deflect or eliminate any criticism of the President, and does so by extolling the importance of The Presidency itself…


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  1. I thinkj Oprah has fooled alot of people into thinking she is colorblind but she isnt

  2. So well stated, Maine.

  3. How ingrained racism seems to be, for those who might be viewed as the most sensitive to such a slight, when any remarks referring to the activities of the current President MUST be viewed through that spectrum. So much for the concept that skin color should not be relevant and any individual should be considered on the basis of their actions and accomplishments ( or lack thereof). Continual playing of the race card indicates that there is an impediment to progress and that it is not limited to one side only.

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