Potpourri Pan America: Spanish soldiers are Sons of the American Revolution?; and more


1.  The Obama White House not so transparent — how many can say “I told you so”, but why hasn’t the majority of the news media made much of fuss about it?

2.  Maricopa County Sheriff Arpaio currently a formidable possible candidate — contender for the upcoming open senate office in Arizona…  Run Joe run, Run Joe run!!!???

3.  Bolivian Leader Evo Morales meets his “Agua Loo” — Yes, Mr. indigenous leader of the indigenous people of Bolivia might be losing his karma…

4.  Spiegel belatedly praises Bush? —  yup. sounds like it, but who else does?

5.  Spanish soldiers recognized as “sons of the American Revolution”?! —  the New World made strange bedfellows or is it something else?


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  1. Fascinating information provided by the #5 link. Thank you for providing it.

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