Person of the Week: ex president Jimmy Carter: yes, really

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[Photo from University of Iowa news service.]

Jimmy Carter for continually trying to insert himself into the public eye to appear relevant and to sell books,  Person of the Week…  It hurts, we know…   He indicates that the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt apparently is a peaceful freedom loving organization and seems not to fear them one iota… 

Everyone knows how valued his opinion is  given his leadership in the Iranian Fiasco during  his presidency…  Person of the Week, Mr. Carter, for shining a spotlight on those such as himself who seem to exemplify personal and professional incompetence and who continually and shamefully  pursue  money and self-indulgence, to the detriment of their country…


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  1. Yeah, it hurts.

    This pious, pompous, self-righteous, dimwitted ass has demonstrated innumerable times that he is consumed by his dwelling in an alternate reality. He remains the darling of the equally dimwitted portion of the media that lends credence to his idiotic ramblings. I would much prefer afflictions such as locusts, drought, and hurricanes to the damage that this simpleton has caused to humanity.

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