Potpourri Pan America: “bomb baby, bomb” — we need more votes — “Macho, macho man,…”!


1.  Iraq not yet settled but send   the weary military and stressed, expensive weaponry  into another war?  Are reasons given consistent or factual , or is Obama acting like a  Bush-Lite simply the start of campaign 2012?  His military leadership skills were reportedly viewed by the American public as almost wholly lacking recently — more macho image needed, so send in the military as a military tool, maybe!  Not comfortable here about the president’s decisions and the process of getting there…

2.  Will this policy encourage illegal immigration? —   the president simply does  not seem to want to seal the U.S. border…  “Come on up, we’d love to have you”?

3.  What would the news media say if Bush were still president?!  —  but  probably they will say it’s still Bush’s  fault…  Rolling Stone stories roll right along…

4.  Look out, Arab end time is near? — what’s with Iran and the clergy! 

5.  President Obama “just” returned from South America and Hugo Chavez nonetheless is being “awarded” there. —  will Venezuela be bombed next?  It “is” the beginning of election season…


“Person(s)” of the Week: Al-Qaeda in Libya

 Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, the Libyan rebel leader, has said jihadists who fought against allied troops in Iraq are on the front lines of the battle against Muammar Gaddafi's regime. (Photo from The Telegraph — Libyan rebel leader Al-Hasidi]

“Person(s)” of the Week, Al-Qaeda:  Strange Bedfellows…   Nobel Peace Prize recipient U.S. President Obama, while engaged already in wars in Iraq and Afghanistan against Al-Qaeda  involves America in a 3rd war   in another Arab country to support the Libyan rebels against Kadafi — and reportedly,  Al-Qaeda is an important part of the rebel contingent ( according to Al-Hasidi: Libyan rebel leader )!…  Strange Bedfellows…  How did Al-Qaeda manage that feat? 

Just askin’…

America in a new war in Libya and President Obama on vacation celebrating?

[photo from MAILONLINE]

Floundering: Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, participate in a reception in La Moneda Palace in Santiago, Chile, last night

It’s  a mess…..  Who’s in charge here and yonder, and what’s on second?

Potpourri Pan America: get re-elected 2012 — Bomb Libya to show I am a true American and not an Arab lover. (Obama?)… And more…



1. Nobel Peace prize winner President Obama involves America in a 3rd Arab War — while vacationing, and avoiding questions.  Emerging countries oppose bombing Libya   ,but Amr Moussa  just wants to be kingpin   because the Arab League eats their own?

2.  Who’s on first and what’s on second (?) — bomb first and decide who is in charge sometime later so as to blame someone else  in case publicity goes bad? Attaboys, attagirl…

3.  Chavez is twisting in the wind?    — “What now said the brown cow.”

4.  Yes, again, who’s on first and what’s on second…(?) — anyone feel discomfort and uneasy about the nation’s foreign policy (and domestic)?  Who are the federales? 

5.  Bombing Libya because of its oil!?  — but didn’t Obama chastise Bush?

“…,but what the hell do they stand for?…”, the pathetic Arab League representatives want a “mulligan” on Libya?!

 Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa (Photo credit, Creative Commons).

[Amr Moussa wanted to lead Egypt after Mubarak…  Now runs for the hills — to save his place in the Egyptian sun?…]

 Amr Moussa and his cronies seemingly want to backtrack and do a mulligan because they apparently did not foresee the consequences of their actions — actions that ought to have been paramount from the outset…  Pathetic fools and self-serving sycophants or something else?!

*****… “…,but what the hell do they stand for?…”, as written yesterday (and more) on this page…

Person(s) of the Week: Representatives of the League of Arab States: a “confused bunch”?

Yes, PERSON(s) of THE WEEK, the Arab League representatives!…   Pardon my French (pun intended), but what the hell do they stand for?  They demand that  the West let them run their business and their Lands their own way without interference from foreigners, then their representatives run crying for help to the West and to the French (yes, the French!) to come onto their lands to save them!  

PanAm is not advocating on behalf of Kadafi (or whatever they are calling him now), only drawing attention to  the warped logic of the representatives of the Arab League, an organization that one day might rue what they advocated if they come out looking as simply pawns of the West.

Under similar conditions as those in the ongoing Japanese tragedy, would average Americans be as stoic as they?

[AP Photo] Members of a family retrieve clothes and others ...

Certainly there would be significant numbers of average American citizens who could match or might even surpass the stoicism of the Japanese, but overall it is doubtful   , it appears, that Americans in general under similarly trying times would be as seemingly philosophical about their circumstances as the Japanese have been to date… 

There in very short order you have a people who were hit with an earthquake of historical proportions, a tsunami with catastrophic results, followed by a nuclear meltdown scenario in their midst, and on top of that, it is miserably cold…  But nonetheless, meanwhile, if reports are accurate, there is no widespread civil disorder in the countryside among those in-the-eye-of the horrific disaster — no looting, no bellyaching about their perilous plight nor playing the blame game here and yonder (though easily over ten thousand have surely perished)…

Remember Katrina   and New Orleans 2005?

Just sayin’…