Potpourri Pan America: “minorities” will inherit the country and then what? And more…


[Rep. Issa.]

1.  In numbers, the future is bright for minorities in America   — but as a consequence, success will be a failure for them and for all?

2. Issa saw the light finally and fired his spokesperson  —  Rep. Issa and the Republicans could still shoot themselves on the collective foot by playing up to the people at the New York Times and by not maintaining the highest decorum.

3.  ” my people”, says AG Eric Holder, are only the Black people?   — well, not quite, but gives the  impression.

4.  President Obama is weak on the world stage? — more than one person has decried the shortcoming.

5.  Another past study and critique of the problems in Mexico — what has been done about it?  Not much


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  1. You all pic on Mr Issa and the minorites and looks like you people are just mad about everybody

  2. Just another example of how Mr. Holder has thoroughly politicized the Justice Department this one happens to illustrate his racist attitude when it comes to enforcing the rule of law.

    Holder has come to set the mark for shameful actions by an Attorney General – and I thought that no one could surpass the bumbling and contemptible Janet Reno.

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