Person of the Week: Congressman Charlie Rangel(N.Y.)

Charlie Sheen, scratch that,  Congressman Charlie Rangel continues to make himself out as a good representation of what bad representives of the people do…

(credit: Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty Images)

[Photo and story from CBS News New York]

Commentary  from the public comment section below the story worth considering (May 5, 2011, at 10:40AM) — as well as others


I love it when black leaders stand up for thugs. However, when it comes to black students failing in school do black leaders stand up for better teachers? No they picket for higher wages for teachers who can’t teach.

Lousy teachers vs lousy students, black leaders choose lousy teachers. Damn the lousy students”

Hasn’t Charlie had enough bad press lately?


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  1. What more can be said about this sad example of ultimate corruption and a downright criminal example of the depths that an elected representative can descend to. Although ….. Barrack Obama and his entire Administration run a close second, and only because they have been in power for a far less time than Rangel.

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