Mob holds Madison, Wisconsin statehouse hostage, but rule of law prevails

[ photo from Huffington Post]

Wisconsin Protests

Wisconsin Democratic state senators shamelessly continued drawing their paychecks and shamefully went AWOL from their elected posts, leaving reckless mobs to (in effect) sack the Madison, Wisconsin statehouse and attempt to overthrow their legally elected representatives…

If anyone needed another straw to convince them that this sad spectacle was anything but a pathetic attempt to undermine   democracy,… perpetually self promoting Jesse Jackson parachuted in to lead the masses toward, well, oblivion?…   Contributions to Jesse’s Rainbow Coalition, anyone?!

Thousands of protestors and  professional agitators drank the Kool Aid fed to them by public unionists  intent on keeping their beds feathered and cushy, while hundreds of thousands of others saw the pictures and videos of chaos and shook their heads in near disbelief… 

Yeah, “ON WISCONSIN”,  a step toward barbarianism!

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  1. Im not completely against the unions and not completely for the governor but dont believe the workers are barbarians. Its hard for me because I grew up in a union home but believe the public unions have hurt the taxpayers.

  2. Good point… In the long run the long “occupation” of the statehouse by the mob (vividly seen by millions) might turn out to be the downfall of those who devised the strategy…

  3. You pretty much summed it all up. Such a circus reached its pinnacle with the arrival of Jesse Jackson, for sure. I was disappointed that the Governor allowed the invasion/desecration of the Capital to continue for so long, but an argument could be made that by doing so the revulsion of so much of America to the thuggery so displayed was perpetuated and solidified.

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