Under similar conditions as those in the ongoing Japanese tragedy, would average Americans be as stoic as they?

[AP Photo] Members of a family retrieve clothes and others ...

Certainly there would be significant numbers of average American citizens who could match or might even surpass the stoicism of the Japanese, but overall it is doubtful   , it appears, that Americans in general under similarly trying times would be as seemingly philosophical about their circumstances as the Japanese have been to date… 

There in very short order you have a people who were hit with an earthquake of historical proportions, a tsunami with catastrophic results, followed by a nuclear meltdown scenario in their midst, and on top of that, it is miserably cold…  But nonetheless, meanwhile, if reports are accurate, there is no widespread civil disorder in the countryside among those in-the-eye-of the horrific disaster — no looting, no bellyaching about their perilous plight nor playing the blame game here and yonder (though easily over ten thousand have surely perished)…

Remember Katrina   and New Orleans 2005?

Just sayin’…


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  1. I have to think that this sort of disaster would bring out both the best as well as the worst in Americans. A mixed bag in other words.

  2. Short answer No
    Longer answer it would sadly be dependent on where in the USA it happened.

  3. I doubt if there is a major culture more close knit than the Japanese – they are unique in many ways. As history shows, this can be both positive and negative. This is a time for the world to offer help because there is only so much that they can manage on their own.

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