Person(s) of the Week: Representatives of the League of Arab States: a “confused bunch”?

Yes, PERSON(s) of THE WEEK, the Arab League representatives!…   Pardon my French (pun intended), but what the hell do they stand for?  They demand that  the West let them run their business and their Lands their own way without interference from foreigners, then their representatives run crying for help to the West and to the French (yes, the French!) to come onto their lands to save them!  

PanAm is not advocating on behalf of Kadafi (or whatever they are calling him now), only drawing attention to  the warped logic of the representatives of the Arab League, an organization that one day might rue what they advocated if they come out looking as simply pawns of the West.


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  1. Not in favor of the Arab terrorists but this other Arabs scare me also because they want to gain power for themselves by using the US and Europe.

    • Thank you for the comment… The whole episode might might turn into a mess overall because criticism mounts in the world as reported in various news outlets… As you and some have suggested, has the U.S.A. started a 3rd war in Arabs lands that might benefit other crooked Arab leaders and thus hurt America in the long run?

  2. It is too bad that logic has little to do with the actions of the Arab League, other than a determined policy of acting only in their own best interests. The Middle East as a whole is infamous for obfuscation, untruths, and a downright seditious outlook when it comes to the “infidels” – and even their own people. They have no compunction about taking advantage of the “useful idiots” and appeasers who litter Western governments and will do so with absolute contempt for what they regard as weakness. And of course their tactics work. Nothing new here.

  3. I heard the African Union people from Africa have complained about France and the USA attacking Libya and I wonder what that will mean.

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