“…,but what the hell do they stand for?…”, the pathetic Arab League representatives want a “mulligan” on Libya?!

 Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa (Photo credit, Creative Commons).

[Amr Moussa wanted to lead Egypt after Mubarak…  Now runs for the hills — to save his place in the Egyptian sun?…]

 Amr Moussa and his cronies seemingly want to backtrack and do a mulligan because they apparently did not foresee the consequences of their actions — actions that ought to have been paramount from the outset…  Pathetic fools and self-serving sycophants or something else?!

*****… “…,but what the hell do they stand for?…”, as written yesterday (and more) on this page…


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  1. No he was misquoted lol. Also related in some manner,at least in my head. Qatar &UAE support action on Libya without actually supporting it while at the same time they physically support the leaders of Bahrain.
    There are indeed a lot of confused folks walking around and making decisions.

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