Potpourri Pan America: get re-elected 2012 — Bomb Libya to show I am a true American and not an Arab lover. (Obama?)… And more…



1. Nobel Peace prize winner President Obama involves America in a 3rd Arab War — while vacationing, and avoiding questions.  Emerging countries oppose bombing Libya   ,but Amr Moussa  just wants to be kingpin   because the Arab League eats their own?

2.  Who’s on first and what’s on second (?) — bomb first and decide who is in charge sometime later so as to blame someone else  in case publicity goes bad? Attaboys, attagirl…

3.  Chavez is twisting in the wind?    — “What now said the brown cow.”

4.  Yes, again, who’s on first and what’s on second…(?) — anyone feel discomfort and uneasy about the nation’s foreign policy (and domestic)?  Who are the federales? 

5.  Bombing Libya because of its oil!?  — but didn’t Obama chastise Bush?


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  1. I agree completely with your assessment, Maine…

  2. Obama is now catching hell from all sides, including some on the Left who are insisting that his Nobel Peace Prize be taken back (chuckle). He is doing many things that he was so eager to criticize Bush for doing. I would say that “floundering” might be an apt description of his actions. Too bad for us.

  3. Its a bit scary I must say, Do not understand this president. Is he not experienced. I dont agree with him on manythings but he said no more wars and now this more mess. He scares me.

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