Person of the Week: Katie Couric, perennial “loser” as CBS news anchor

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Katie Couric, perennially in last place among the national news presenters, Person of the Week…  During her stint as CBS anchor, has not been able to convince the majority of the news viewing public that she belongs in the august company of the network’s historical stalwarts EDWARD R. MURROW, WALTER CRONKITE, and ERIC SEVARIED…  Easy Decision… 

For various reasons she has not been a fit for the role of CBS anchor — one amongst  them being that Ms Couric apparently has not been able to figure out what image in news she wants to personify: a serious news anchor at a once storied  news division, or a flamboyant celebrity kitten who off camera continually hobnobs with the leftist element of American society and often promotes their philosophy,… contrary to the objectivity demanded of her position, and more importantly, demanded by the public…

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  2. Both the ABC and CBS anchors could be called kittens. Dont like either and for CBS Schieffer did better as anchor.

  3. “a flamboyant celebrity kitten” ….. just a perfect characterization that says it all. To be fair, it is not easy these days to readily find serious, competent and objective journalism in any form.

  4. Diane Sawyer at ABC is more acceptable for me than CBS and NBC news.Katie Couric is a turn off.

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