Potpourri Pan America: “moderate” ElBaradei now more “immoderate”; and finally, concern about Iran-Venezuela – really!!! And more…


1.  Another little friend from South America gets irked     — after all the visits by the president and the Secretary of State, who are America’s friends in Latin America, really?

2.  Wasn’t “moderate” Arab ElBaradei supposed to be Pres. Obama’s boy in Egypt?   — either the  Muslim Brotherhood or El Qaeda or a combination could be problematic in Egypt…  Another “Shah booted out of  Iran” situation?  Hopefully not…

3.  KSM to be tried by military tribunal  — Whoa, Mr. Holder (KSM is not a Dutch airline) — are you simply playing politics?!  Think things through, why don’t you…  Or are you the fall guy for those above you?

4.  The federales of socialist Nicaragua say “nyet” to popular demonstrations — Daniel Ortega, friend of the people!?  Heck, when will people learn: boot out the supposed dictators only to install another one…  Who are the federales?!

5.  Is America on the verge of giving weapons to its enemies in Libya?   — that’s the rumor…  Another failure of foreign policy for the Obama Administration?… 

6.  Concern over Iran-Venezuela connection expressed — oh really!!!  Here and in many other places that concern has been continually expressed!!!  Give America a friggin’ break!!!


  Iraq not yet settled but send   the weary military and stressed, expensive weaponry  into another war?  Are reasons given consistent or factual , or is Obama acting like a  Bush-Lite simply the start of campaign 2012?  His military leadership skills were reportedly viewed by the American public as almost wholly lacking recently — more macho image needed, so send in the military as a military tool, maybe!  Not comfortable here about the president’s decisions and the process of getting there…

  Will this policy encourage illegal immigration? —   the president simply does  not seem to want to seal the U.S. border…  “Come on up, we’d love to have you”?

  What would the news media say if Bush were still president?!  —  but  probably they will say it’s still Bush’s  fault…  Rolling Stone stories roll right along…

  Look out, Arab end time is near? — what’s with Iran and the clergy! 

  President Obama “just” returned from South America and Hugo Chavez nonetheless is being “awarded” there. —  will Venezuela be bombed next?  It “is” the beginning of election season…


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  1. The KSM situation is simply yet another flip flop by our Incompetent-In-Chief, who apparently has absolutely no clear standards on which to base his policies. This was pretty much the last Bush policy that Obama has now adopted – after insisting throughout his campaign that he was the “non-Bush”.

    Now he is back on the campaign trail (a great excuse to not spend time leading; the budget mess, for instance). Who the hell is he supposed to be this time?

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