Person of the Week: U.S. General Carter Ham

 U.S. General Carter Ham — for bringing attention to the possible use of American land troops in Libya, and drawing attention to President Obama’s seemingly expedient and incoherent foreign policy…  It seems from this vantage point that the president authorized the bombing in Libya in large measure as a reaction to the significant numbers of people who do not see him as a strong Commander-in-Chief, while he was in the midst of preparing to kickoff his 2012 presidential campaign… Furthermore, who knows, maybe if President Obama gets to a point where he believes sending in ground troops into Libya would help him in his re-election effort, and also pacify the American segment that wants army boots in Libya, he might authorize ground troops as well…  General Ham might be prepping the public for such action…

Just sayin”…


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  1. Maine nailed this one!

  2. You are right on target here, PanAm. This is a “President” who will alter his policies to fit the moment, not the issues and he thus poses an ongoing danger to the welfare and safety of America. What a colossal ego this individual exhibits, eh?

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