Person of the Week: Wisconsin State Supreme Court Justice David Prosser

DAVID PROSSER — Person of the Week.

From archives: [Unionists reacted in earlier confrontations against  Wisconsin governor Scott — photo from Doug Ross Journal.] 

“State Supreme Court Justice David Prosser emerged as the winner Friday over challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg in a heated election that drew national attention because of the fight over collective bargaining and a ballot reporting error in Waukesha County.”… [From the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel.]

This was a major fight pitting the nation’s powerful public employee unions, as well as private ones, against the forces  in Wisconsin that are trying to reform the political system in order to begin to control out-of-control spending there…

For future general elections and in currently underway recall elections in the state,  does this portend the real mood of the Wisconsin electorate or is this a mere skirmish that will be but a belch in the ongoing budget battles?


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  1. Very interesting that Justice Prosser overcame an initially “close” loss when it came to light that the votes from an entire municipality had not been because they were “misplaced”. Recent events reveal that Wisconsin has long had a reputation for voter fraud and considering the recent disgusting actions by the national unions and their minions, that should be no surprise.

    What should be truly disturbing is that this most recent example of voter fraud is only the tip of the national iceberg. At least it has received some publicity, rather than being ignored by the media.

  2. I believe that this is only the beginning. This is a fight that will go on forever, and we the people, will still be paying out the yin yang.

    Once upon a time the unions played a vital role in safety on the job, and reining in employer abuses. Those things have all been taken care of through laws and regulations now though. Now? All the unions do is collect money and start trouble.

    • Patrick, I completely agree with your assessment of unions — ” … start trouble.”… The big shot bosses are as abusive as those they originally set out to defend against…

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