Potpourri Pan America: muchachos, vote President Obama in 2012; and more…


1.  It’s 2012 election campaign time, folks  — so the White House wants immigration reform, to get the Latino vote?…  He’s already bombed Libya to portray himself as a strong Commander-in-Chief, now, let’s get them votes, muchachos

2.  “Three Cups of Tea” of fallacy? — who picked this guy to help set our Afghanistan policy? 

3.  S and  P says not so good and Obama Campaign 2012 says it’s all political? — by the way, why isn’t the press complaining about the high gas prices?  Oh, they still want to blame Bush?!!!  Give America a friggin’ break Brian Williams, Diane Sawyer, Katie Couric and company!!!

4.  What happened to “transparency” in government? — where is the change that was promised?  It’s worse than it ever was….

5.  Pres. Obama says: don’t ask me no stinking questions? — America is being treated as a Third World banana republic — come on, Mr. and Mrs. news anchors, speak up, you have the freedom to be independent…


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  1. We live in a time when words have no meaning.

  2. So many Americans are giving him a pass that I’m beginning to think the whole country is stuck on stupid!

  3. “transparency in government?”.

    Yet another vaunted Obama promise that lies crumpled by the roadside, another piece of throwaway political trash that immediately outlived its usefulness once the empty suit successfully formed up the sheep.

    • It’s amazing still, Maine, how many yet lean over backwards to defend him regardless of the countless promises he has broken — “…sheep…” in formation for sure.

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