Osama’s reported death a boost to Obama’s re-election?

  [AP photo]

Short lived uptick or no tick, who knows…  As others have written here and elsewhere, regardless of the negatives, the president enjoys distinctive advantages, including that the Republicans are, if not in disarray, they are certainly disunited on who in their current  field is really of presidential timber or who has presidential charisma…

By the way, is the congratulatory political commentary of Osama’s demise a bit much?  “Ding dong the witch is dead” ,and all!?


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  1. There is no attempt, “anon”, to appease nor “to stifle” — a suggestion merely is made that Americans be dignified in their reactions and not act as “uncivilized” as some in the Arab world did after the towers came down…
    Especially considering that the fight is not over, that victory is not at yet at hand — that thousands of our fellow citizens are still serving and dying in the Middle East.

  2. The Mod and some of you here try to appease the Arabs and try to stifle patriotic joy the way you speak about the killing. The Republican will take back the White House I say.

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