Person of the Week, and ongoing: George W. Bush

George W. Bush, Person of the Week (and ongoing): lest we forget whilst in the midst of Presidential Campaign 2012…  The press and those in current power must manage well the change in the Middle East set in motion by  Dubya and carried out with the blood of the American military and on the backs of the American taxpayer — so as to insure the change is not hijacked by Arab or Islamist extremists, nor politicians… 

 Give ample and continuing credit where credit is due, without turning events into political Campaign 2012


4 Responses

  1. Credit is due for the man who carried the fight during the years immediately following 9/11.

  2. Seems the blame it on Bush mantra finally wore out. No, he was not perfect, but the rants became stupid…

  3. I think you are rightabout Bush. Americans agree I think.

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