The Black community “under siege” as a political ploy

Photo from ABC News at a previous event:

It has been written here and elsewhere that contrary to some who believe it is a near foregone conclusion that the president will be unseated in the 2012 Presidential Election,  for various reasons Obama (as any sitting president (or standing) still is a formidable  opponent…   One of the reasons cited is that the president received almost 100 % of the Black vote in the last presidential election, and if the president’s campaign operative’s can keep the Black community feeling it is under siege, they will continue to remain in the fold, regardless of any lack of improvement in their economic wellbeing  under the policies of President Obama…

Note how the “birther” issue and the issue of rapper Common performing at the White House reportedly have helped strengthen the president’s support among Black people because they seem to see the criticisms as attempts at  perpetuating racism against them…

Just sayin’


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  1. Play the race card, next will be the woman / sexist card, and finally, the it’s for the children card.

    You read it here first!


  2. The voting pattern of the particular segment can amount to crucial percentage points at election time, thus the ol’ race card routine.

  3. The lure of always being the victim is hard to resist and the Democratic party treasures the race card as an always-reliable gambit.

  4. I don’t believe this mess.

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