Person of the Week: Harold Egbert (yes, Egbert) Camping, head of Family Radio, a Christian Broadcasting Network

Photo from Wikipedia:

Apocalypse Now “, today, May 21, says the head of his world-wide Christian Fundamentalist flock…  Trained as a Civil Engineer, he apparently has applied mathematical  derivatives to Christian Scripture to arrive at his Dooms Day scenarios… 

 Egbert, just an ol’  sad fool, a  kook,…  another foil for a 24 hour news cycle diet of advertisements and pablum that leads to the derision of sincerely worshipping Christians, or is he a modern master religious  P.T. Barnum who among the masses and in the public square  boosts  religious thought about The Rapture, “End Times, Day of Judgement? 

Simply put, in this materialistic cynical world, is any attention to Spiritual Salvation necessarily bad?


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  1. “Spiritual Salvation” comes in many forms. It is not helpful, however, when a massive overdose of speculation and blind adherence takes center stage. Still, the basic precepts cry out for more prominence in this increasingly secular world atmosphere. There is a reason that Christianity has survived for so many centuries.

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