U. S. Rep. Anthony Weiner: his “private” morals have no effect on his public job?

Some might say that the “private”  varying actions of some of the representatives of the people — such as Schwarzeneggar, Ensign, Spitzer, Gingrich, Weiner, et al — have no effect on the public work they do “for the people” and ought not matter to voters when these kinds of politicians run for office or remain in office… 

The French for years have tolerated or ignored or enjoyed politicians who are different animals in private than they are in public, so people such as Dominique Strauss-Kahn apparently for years have been allowed to thrive in that political system…

Don’t the perverted “private” morals exhibited by some elected officials have a deleterious effect on the body politic and on how they “govern” ,  and so is it not best to remove from office as soon as possible those politicians who cross the line?…


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  1. If nothing else, those who have a “public personna” that masks their real selves are living a lie and that questions their reliability. And of course there is always the potential for blackmail from enemies both foreign and domestic. I have always found Anthony Weiner repulsive and these latest actions have immensely strengthened my negative opinion of him. One person whom I have spoken with recently ventures the opinion of, “So what? They (all politicians) lie”.
    that hopefully is not completely true, but if this is a common opinion then America is surely in deep trouble. Can we no longer demand ethical and moral behavior from those we entrust to do “the business of the people”? If not, then we need to seriously examine our own moral base and what we believe in.

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