Person of the Week: Ollante Humala, leftist elected president of Peru

[Photo from ChinaDaily]: 

Ollante Humala , Person of the Week —  elected  president of Peru — and ostensibly his election presents for the Obama Administration yet another failure of American foreign Policy in the Latin region… 

It has been suggested before on this page and elsewhere that  American foreign policy in many respects is in disarray, and that vis-a-vis Mexico, specifically, and Latin America, in general, the United States of America is losing ground not only to narco terrorists, but to  the influence of Brazil, Russia, India, China, Venezuela, Argentina, Bolivia and Nicaragua.

Now another Latin American country turns sharply left — in the mold of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and Bolivia’s Evo Morales?

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  1. Since the 1970’s Communism has been assiduously working in Central and South America to build a strong base, first the Russians and most recently joined by the Chinese. What you are now seeing is the fruit of those labors, aided by a decrease over the last decade in American interest in and support for the region. It will only get worse, considering the obtuseness and inadequacies of the current administration, not to mention the continued expansion of the drug cartels.

  2. The 2012 elections will show one way or another what Americans want the US to be.

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