Person of the Week: Charlie Savage, from the New York Times

[Photo from Mr. Savage’s Bio.]

Yes,  from the New York Times, Mr. Savage,  Person of the Week, for disclosing  how, in effect, the president was able to say with ostensibly a straight face that the USA is not engaged in hostilities in Libya(!) — contrary to what common sensical people might conclude after witnessing the raining bombs fall on Kadafi’s compound and elsewhere, and seeing the military budget for the particular military operation skyrocket…  Of course, mind you, Charlie Savage having written what he did and on this page having been written that the New York Times writer is the Person of the Week does not imply that Kadafi is a good guy — are we clear? 

And no wonder some Democrats and Republicans are livid that the War Powers Resolution is being violated by the President … 

Thank you, Mr. Savage…


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  1. Obama and the excursion to Libya is simply another example of his Administration’s utter disregard for the rule of law – whether international or domestic – and the dangerous waters into which his policies and appointments have steered us.

  2. Get a life and stop being negative all the time

    • “Anon”, it’s not about being negative, it’s about somone with a different viewpoint trying to be objective and realistic… Thank you for your comment…

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