Pres. Obama’s policies in Iraq and Afghanistan have been detrimental to the troops and to the nation?

Certainly appears that way to this writer…  The troops and their families who have sacrificed so much deserve better leadership…  Any failures in Iraq and Afghanistan are because of the president’s failed policies and leadership, and ” window dressing  “changes as a part of his presidential campaign do not change matters … 

The nation deserves better…

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  1. The obama…. Well, let’s just say that things could have been handled much better. To be sure, that applies to what Bush did as well. As our troops continue to do the best that they can the fundamentals are still being ignored. ROE’s still get an inordinate number of people killed and that is just one example.

    War is a dirty nasty business, and political correctness just makes it all that much worse.

  2. Keeping in mind that everything that this man does is either politically motivated or designed to provide some personal benefit for himself, his family or his friends, how could we expect any leadership capabilities? America’s enemies have once again proven correct in their assumption that if they wait long enough Obama will give up on any specific attempt to constrict and/or destroy terrorist elements throughout the world. Leaving Afghanistan would insure that Taliban and Al Qadea elements will again assume control of the country. Obama made a halfhearted move to provide an environment that might allow a centralized Afghan government by augmenting American troops in that country, but as usual any benefit will be quickly dissipated through his proclivity to shift with whatever political wind attracts his limited attention span or excites his Liberal base. Once again, our fine troops are expended in futile gestures engineered by craven politicians.

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