Mr. Humberto Leal, executed by the State of Texas: justice served?

Regarding the recent execution of Mr. Humberto Leal by the the State of Texas, contrary to all the smoke screens and possible political posturing for the sake of politics 2012, all ought to bear in mind that he received  his punishment after exhausting all his appeals and dragging his case through the courts since 1994 – after committing deadly heinous crimes in San Antonio, Texas against a young lady  named Adria Saucedo…  The State of Texas, various courts, as well as the U.S. Supreme Court reviewed this case, over and over again…  Justice served?… 

Just sayin’…

4 Responses

  1. Claps loudly!

  2. Commit a horrendous crime and you get what’s coming to you. Or at least you should. Well done Texas.

    Carry on…

  3. Quick and to the point PanAm. Surely justice was served in all ways in this case.
    Tried,convicted,appeals,sentenced. Don’t get me started on the alleged reciprocity in other nations re Americans arrested.

  4. Dont care where a guy is from if he kills someone he pays for his crime. its not racism as some people say and dont try blaming the Texas governor to keep him from runnin for president if he wants.

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