Person of the Week: Dean Vogel, President of the California Teachers Assn.,.

Person of the week for supporting the passage of a California law that reportedly prevents, local school districts from cancelling programs and laying off school employees, although many districts are undergoing dire budget problems.

Without time allowed for public debate, the Democratic Legislature hastily passed  the measure and Governor Brown signed it into law…  It ought not be surprising that public employee union heads are not averse to undermining the local control of schools even if those actions lead to the possible financial collapse of the local entities that feed their members…   

Hel-lo!,  has any California politician or public employee union honcho noticed that nation-wide there is financial crunch? …  Oh,… yeah,… that’s right, … politicians and union kingpins still draw their salaries, expense accounts and pensions, regardless of economic downturns…


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  1. California seems hellbent on bankruptcy. The worst part will be the ensuing Federal bailout that is once again financed by the efforts of the shrinking numbers of productive members of our society

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