“Machiavellian” TIME magazine joins others in helping Obama by undermining Republicans?

Yes, a Washingtonian concerted effort apparently trying to sow  and harvest dissension among Republicans and influence the public against the mean Repubs…  Goes along with Bill Clinton injecting himself into the Republican Primary by ostensibly “handicapping” the candidates and Obama giving his interpretation that the poor, little House Speaker Boehner is in a rabbit snare because of his ” evil reactionary” House members!

Yes, ho-hum, business as usual in Washington circles…   Yes, yes, and yes, divide and conquer, what a novel idea…

 Niccoló Machiavelli, alive?!…


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  1. It has been sad to watch the decline of the mainstream media into lapdog status for the Democratic party. “Time”, “Newsweek”, “US News & World Report” …. all have lost whatever credibility they may have once had.

    Certainly, Obama and the Democrats have done nothing to unify America despite the glowing campaign promises of our Presidential Pretender. But to have the press shamelessly aid and abet the divisiveness practiced by the king and his court is beyond contempt.

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