President Obama swinging for a knockout or knockdown in the debt ceiling fight that will propel him closer to a second term?

Liberals rejoice…  President will most likely get re-elected in 2012…  But,…   Originally Posted on April 13, 2010…

Considering how the press generally favors   Obama and paints the Republican leadership in a bad light, the assessment made in the above post still remains quite realistic — especially considering that recently the House and Senate  Congressional Republican leaderships do not seem to be in sync, as well as overall appear to be disorganized and/or not cognizant of the effect of optics  — when they are portrayed as being obstinate and of “walking out” of budget and debt ceiling discussions.

And, to use a boxing metaphor, the president seems to feel he is behind on the score card in the later rounds of his bout and has little to lose, so he is swinging wildly to get a knockout or a knockdown to give himself a chance to get a favorable verdict from the newspaper judges,  and then from the public…

 Perception is reality…

We’ll see how this later rounds play out and what effect they have on Presidential Election 2012


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  1. The more the Republicans cave the more likely obama will get reelected.

    What ever happened to principle over politics..? Oh yeah, that was a Libertarian Party thing…

    • Remains to be seen if the Repubs can get back on track and take a principled approach as you suggest, otherwise “re-election” could be invitable…

  2. Obama just wants to get re-elected and will do everything to look good in the discussion. Soldiers are dying in the middle east because he wants to get reelected, Thats all about the man. Thank you for speaking up.

    • I agree he only wants to get elected again. All he does is to get elected. Such a shame. He is no different than any of the other politicians, probably worst.

  3. It is truly unfortunate that the Republicans have not acquitted themselves well in the battle over the debt ceiling. The influence of special interests play a huge role in policy decisions and both parties seem eager to succumb to their blandishments.

    Our current problems are purely a direct result of overspending and a lack of prioritization and despite the efforts of a freshman Republican class that was elected to do something about these issues, the Republican leadership remains stuck on “business as usual”.

    The attitude of the Democratic leadership is utterly deplorable and disgusting, particularly as shown by our so-called President who not only fails to exhibit even a scrap of leadership but also appears to be doing his utmost to encourage dissension and ill feelings – meanwhile making no bones of the main thrust of his actions being designed purely to advance (in his mind) his reelection chances rather than to act in the best interests of the country. Obama has yet to present a budget in his more than two years in office, nor have the Democrats as a group offered any solutions other than to raise taxes to support their insatiable lust to spend our country into bankruptcy.

    Until spending controls are put into place, our nation’s financial problems will continue to increase. It is long past time to vote out those politicians who refuse to make any effort to solve our problems. There are plenty of options that have been offered – none of which have been able to pass the blockade thrown up by Harry Reid and the Democratic-controlled Senate, not to mention the Marxist in the White House.

    Are we America, or will we be content to follow the Pied Piper into the entanglement of the same failed Socialist policies that have so devastated the economies of many European nations?

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