About the president: The “emperor” wears no clothes, and more people are noticing?

About “Potentate” President Obama — post written on August 13, 2010. …  And now for the first time  the S & P downgrades America’s credit rating.   The “shedding” continues.  How many notice that the emperor wears no clothes? …

Just sayin’. …


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  1. Obama has constantly proved that he lacks any semblance of leadership, but Congress bears much of the blame with their failure to rein in ruinous spending. Plenty of blame to pass around.

  2. Seems that my posting about us heading into an actual depression may be coming true. But heck, they will just blame Bush, or the TEA Party…

    Anything but the actual cause. Fiscal irresponsibility.

    • So true, and the White House “advisors” on cue took promptly to the Sunday shows to continue playing the blame game ad infinitum.

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