Person of the Week: David Axelrod, who metaphorically and hypocritically wants to “kill Romney”?

…  “Unless things change and Obama can run on accomplishments, he will have to kill Romney,” said a prominent Democratic strategist aligned with the White House…  ” [Reading between the lines, would venture an educated guess that David Axelrod is the prominent strategist to whom the unattributed quote belongs — David Axelrod, Person of the Week, for such civil and uplifting words!]

Yes, Axelrod eventually says that anyone who calls Romney weird will be fired from the Obama Presidential Campaign 2012 team, but in so doing the political strategist tries to gloss over that apparently he  intends to rely extensively on a dirty tricks campaign. …  Note how he specifically says that if anyone calls the Republican “weird”, they will be fired…   What essentially he says is that if the actual word is used, they will be fired, tho’ apparently every other campaign dirty trick  will be tolerated — just not the word, “weird“…

Additionally, it seems that though attempts to use  Romney’s  religion against him will be paramount (along with other shenanigans), the attacks will be done in a “whispering” way and through political surrogates not directly employed by the re-election committee — “plausible deniability”!? 

The public ought not expect  much uplifting public debate from Obama and his team, just more of gutter politics at its worse.