Defacto Presidential pardons for illegals come true and Facebook censors Arizona critique?

Immigrant rights groups and community members call in Los Angeles Monday, Aug. 15, 2011, for an end to the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Secure Communities program, which was created in 2008 and calls for police to submit suspects' fingerprints to DHS so they can be cross-checked with federal deportation orders. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes) 

[Photo from Washington Times.]

Defacto   Presidential pardons for illegals — the president wants to get re-elected at any cost and changes the rules for deportation so as to get the Latino voters ?  You saw it coming, didn’t you? 

Hel-lo!…  Why aren’t the major news outlets complaining?

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  1. The real danger here is that once again the Obama administration has ignored the rule of law. Congress refused to pass legislation that Obama had pushed to in essence do away with any and all deportation of illegals and allow completely open borders and make a mockery of current immigration policies. Obama has now enacted by executive fiat some of those proposed changes.

    What we see here is destruction of the legal system on which our nation has flourished. Now, under the rule of King Obama and his minions, the law means only what they say it means and Congress (the representatives of the people) can be ignored with impunity.

    Reelect this man at your peril.

    • Yeah, Maine, will be difficult to understand if he gets reelected — but his strong block of supporters will be voting for him, so remains to be seen if those who oppose him simply stay home in significant numbers or likewise stir things up and vote.

  2. PanAm criticizes the president when deemed necessary and this latest post to which you object is thought to be another time that it is necessary to do so.
    Obama reportedly is a constitutional scholar but does not appear to be knowledgeable about what has made America great. His friend at Facebook seems to have wanted to censor the Facebook comments of Governor Brewer and President Obama uses the head of the Education Department to engage in political shenanigans in order to attack presidential candidate Governor Perry of Texas.
    At least you seem to comprehend that Obama has not fullfilled the promises of “openess” he made when running and he appears to be just another politician who wants to remain in office at any cost. Scary?

  3. You pick on him alot and dont cut him any slack. he is not all bad but I can see he is not what he said when he ran

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