Person of the Week: French President Sarkozy

Yes, Sarkozy, from France (yes, a Frenchman) for reportedly  taking the lead in making N.A.T.O.  more “relevant” in the aftermath of the Cold War by taking the lead in resolving issues in the Mediterranean region…  Let the Europeans of the Alliance shed more of their blood and treasure in their defense and in bringing stability to their “backyard”. …


2 Responses

  1. It is good to see European leaders stepping up and taking a more active role in solving the world’s problems. Unfortunately, that also means that others are attempting to fill the leadership vacuum created by the election of the U.S. Presidential Pretender. A weakened and indecisive America is a threat to world stability, as current worldwide events are clearly illustrating.

    • Good points… Totally agree with you on the lack of international leadership shown by Obama, as well as seeing the Europeans step-up… Election 2012 will be another pivotal one and we’ll see if people overall will step up as they did in 2010.

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