Person of the Week: Texas governor Rick Perry

Rick Perry, latest Republican Primary presidential candidate…   Although new to the competition, he has impressed enough already to have risen quickly to the top echelon of those already in the primary race…   The next Republican debate in September will give Governor Perry a forum on which he can show whether he can compete on the national stage,  or if he might just be a flash-in-the-pan…


3 Responses

  1. While not without his faults Perry, just like all the others does not walk on water. That said, at this point I like him, and he has a real chance at winning as well.

  2. I like Perry and we’ll see

  3. Gov. Perry is a legitimate challenger for the Republican nomination. At least he is not a representative of the Washington-based Republican establishment and hopefully will bring some new ideas to the race that the Beltway crowd will have to react to. More of his brand of Presidential contender is needed if a strong challenger to Obama is to emerge.

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