Person of the Week: Jerry Lewis, he who “brung ’em”, then was discarded unceremoniously

Jerry Lewis ( tho’  irascible sometimes, yes),  for his lifetime of giving of himself to the Muscular Dystrophy Association so that billions of dollars of charitable contributions could be received that could help advance the search for cures. …  Some might not have appreciated his brand of comedy  nor  his at times politically incorrect statements,  but he more than anyone else put the “MDA” on-the-map, and because of his efforts the Association became a major player in the quest for charitable monies… 

But the sad saga continues, alas, because even charitable organizations are made up of political animals,  made up of those with their own agendas, right or wrong,  with little concern about being thankful  to “old Jerry”, who brung ’em to the “Big Dance”. …

Just sayin’…


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  1. After having been subjected to Mr. Lewis’s sense of “comedy” while working as a caddy at La Costa I personally could never again appreciate the man.

    However, he did do a lot of good for some very unfortunate souls. May God bless him for that.

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