Obama, Biden and Hoffa: “Hope and Change” means blame the Republicans?

What a novel idea, simply blame the Republicans, …  again and again — that’s responsible leadership? …   No, that’s fighting to keep the presidency at any, at any cost,  including  dividing the country further by any means possible. …  From Obama,  Biden and Hoffa, uplifting rhetoric that will unite all Americans. … 


Mr. President, you and/or your advisors seem to believe that the ends justify the destructive means you have chosen to employ in your Campaign 2012  — that is not the Hope and Change  for which significant numbers of your supporters believed they were voting in 2008. …

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  1. No surprises here … just more of Obama’s self-glorifying attempts to cover up his glaring lack of any real accomplishments or leadership examples since he has taken office. Our growing problems in America are always the fault of someone else, according to the Great Imposter and if we would only listen to him all would be solved. The problem continues to be that Obama has nothing new to offer and everything is predicated on the failed apparatus of social democracy that has ruined the economies and social structure of many European nations.

    • Mr. Obama did not have much worthwhile experience when he was elected so he mistakenly believes as you seem to suggest that he believes he was elected tho’ without “credentials” because he has all the answers, that he has been “anointed”… That still significant numbers believe he is so special and will vote for him again is bewildering…

  2. Now PanAm, you know that the democrat utilitarianism demands that they blame anyone, or anything but themselves, and their failed agenda!

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