Person of the Week: Valerie Jarrett

Yes, Valerie Jarrett, for urging the U.S. Congress to pass immediately the president’s “jobs bill“, tho’  it has yet to be presented to the Legislative Branch, nor is it reportedly even completely written  ( remember the Health Bill episode?!).  Whatever they do or say and however inaccurate, hypocritical and nonsensical, it seems politicians  such as Ms Jarrett will say whatever they think will put the other branches of government in a bad light — but apparently they are not aware that it reflects most poorly on themselves.

Any wonder why American hold politicians in so low regard? …


2 Responses

  1. And her boss is playing politics with “9/11” by using cops and policemen as props. They just want to get reelected, I have no respect for them. Its all politics.

  2. This jobs bill is beginning to look like the very real differences in political and social thought in this nation are being brought to light.

    Big government, the teat for all things from cradle to grave.

    Or rugged intelligence and elbow sweat combined with the liberty and freedom to fail or succeed?

    Which will it be America?

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