Person of the Week: Anita Dunn, former senior aide to President Obama

Senior aide at the Obama White House, Anita Dunn, was merely a female potted plant, among other White House potted plants of the same gender?   The former White House Communications Director is quoted as saying  the Obama White House could have been taken to court for being a hostile workplace “…  because it actually fit all of the classic legal requirements for a genuinely hostile workplace to women.”

Draws additional attention to the fact that the “Hope and Change” rhetoric of the Obama White House is simply a smoke and mirrors creation?   . …


4 Responses

  1. Yet another shining example of the hypocrisy and disdain for the rule of law that characterizes this particular Administration.

  2. Now now PanAm, don’t be insulting all the panderers of smoke and mirrors out there by comparing them to the epic fail obama!


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