Persons of the Week: Mahmoud Abbas and Barack Obama

Persons of the Week in unison because their relationship and the results of the same shows that leaning over backwards and doing somersaults to appease the Palestinians while denigrating the Israelis, results not in useful outcomes, but in a naive American Middle East foreign policy detrimental to the interests of the United States. …  Is it also another example of how the Obama Administration has mismanaged   the “Arab Spring” and how the Palestinians have played the President? …

Just sayin’. ..’


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  1. Maine nailed it as usual. I’m thinking that his so called “base” is beginning to wise up to the epic failure that is obama. Time will tell…

  2. The Palestinians are merely the latest entity to “play” the Presidential Pretender. Foreign policy under the Obama administration has degenerated into impotent stasis and the U.S. is an easy target for the thugs and dictators of the world to manipulate. Utterly incompetent both at home and abroad. Had enough yet, America?

    • Significant numbers of “observers” of the political scene are in agreement with you as you so aptly express it… Still, is the majority paying attention, and will the enthusiasm and “grassroots” of the 2010 elections show up for a redux in 2012? Of course it is important that the majority shows up. Thank you for the as usual well expressed and insightful comments.

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