20,000 shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles on the loose, and Obama’s role?

On this page and many others has been suggested that the American president had a responsibility to help manage well the so-called “Arab Spring”,  in order to avert further deteriorating conditions in the Middle East and in the world. …   But now comes word that while conditions deteriorate in Iraq /Afghanistan, and because of the Arab Spring , America’s ally Israel in the region now finds itself under additional extreme pressures from Egypt,  Iran and the Palestinians —  while reportedly some 20,000 shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles are missing  from unguarded weapon stockpiles in Libya. .. .

Deadly weapons acquired by the bad guys of the region and on the way to the black markets of the terrorists world-wide? 

Just sayin’. …


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  1. A little late PanAm, but guess what I found. From Debka File

    Egypt uncovers anti-air missiles and sea mines bound for Hamas from Libya
    DEBKAfile Exclusive Report

    26 Sept. Helped by highly sophisticated contraband weapons smuggled out of Libya, Iran and Hizballah are getting the Palestinian Hamas equipped for another round of hostilities with Israel. DEBKAfile’s military sources report that Sunday, Sept. 25, Egyptian security forces homed in near Ismailia on a large half-empty cache of advanced Libyan SA-24 anti-air infrared missiles (a version of the US Stinger). They enable Hamas to hit high-, medium- and low-altitude flying objects including commercial and military aircraft and drones. Many of the empty crates had contained Russian-made MDM-3 sea mines which could drift ashore.
    Our North African sources report that many of Qaddafi’s weapons stores were seized by the rebels and some of their officers sold them to the highest bidders.

  2. I myself have to wonder if those missiles had already been handed over to terrorist’s. Those types, as noted in the cited article, have already been used in various places, and the Colonel has been known to coddle and support Islamic terrorism in the past. Not that I don’t believe that their whereabouts shouldn’t be confirmed. If they are located in a single place? Well, that’s what we have Special Forces for…

    • Good points… Could have been handed out by “Kadafi’s” troops themselves once the walls were beginning to crumble.

  3. Thanks for pointing out one of the truly dangerous unintended consequences of deposing the regimes of dictators and thugs, PanAm. Not on the magnitude of the numerous nuclear weapons that went missing after the fall of the Soviet empire, but still a very unsettling development. That said, I am not sure that even massive intervention by numerous western governments could preclude this kind of problem. Not a pleasant scenario for airports worldwide to face when so many weapons become available for use by the highest bidders.

    • I agree, under any or most circumstances it would have been difficult if not impossible to “corral” the missiles… And as Patrick seems to suggest, “Kadafi” himself might have ordered their dispersal because of his anger over his gov’t being overrun. …

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