Person of the Week: Roseanne Barr — behead “them”, she says

Yes, person of the week, because she is another one of those of the celebrity  class who more and more seem to believe that simply because of their peculiar status they have a higher aptitude for knowing   what is best for America…  And sadly, some politicians and common folk apparently believe their assessment… 

 Person of the Week, Roseanne Barr, inadvertently drawing attention to ( at best the silliness and at worse the danger of )  the shifting to celebrity governance?… 


3 Responses

  1. This woman is just plain dangerous. She hates Maine and myself because we own firearms… But has a CCW and plenty of personal firepower as well as a temperament that would make a goat happy.

  2. Rosanne Barr is a pathological idiot and her mind-numbingly stupid pronouncements should be ostracized from publication at any level.

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