College Football Weekends are “heating up”

For all football aficionados, thank you for visiting this site, and as conference games flourish,  surely everyone is ready for more continuing rivalry games. …  Personally, will begin by watching the Longhorns-Sooners in the Red River Shootout( I mean Red River Rivalry), hoping for an upset. …


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  1. That is life in the SEC. Only the strong survive. Not like those pesto eating west coast conferences….. 🙂

  2. As an Auburn fan, I would like to say that this is shaping up to be a painful year….oh for the love of God….where is Cam when you need him?

    • I know he was one of the rarities so it will be awhile before someone like him is back at Auburn (or anywhere at the college level) – but AU under the circumstances has so far defied expectations and has a decent current record… But of course the bigger games are still to come…

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