Persons of the Week: Robert Jeffress and Bryan Fischer

Yes, Persons of the Week (2 peas in the proverbial pod) for being shortsighted — sowing discontent among Christians and Republicans and in that way attempting to pollute the process of American politics in general and the Republican primary procedures specifically. …  Not gonna happen, hopefully, but candidate Rick Perry needs to distance himself from their disruptively provincial and negatively simplistic expressions — because the Texas governor seems to be catering to their whims. … 

Attempting to undermine Romney, Jeffress says Mormons are cultists.  And Fischer   chimes in that Mormons are not Christians, and furthermore, he adds that Freedom of Religion in the U.S. Constitution does not apply to non Christian religions. … 


As has been suggested before here and elsewhere, and sorry that the need to say so arises again, some Republicans will not only shoot themselves on the foot, but selfishly and foolishly will shoot every Republican’s  foot, as well.

Just sayin’.


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  1. All to often politicians seem to allow themselves to become tethered to some group or other. To the determent of all…

  2. The Far Right has its own groups of irrational extremists. Perry needs to be very careful in this respect not to give the impression that he is accepting of such virulence. The Left is delighted to be offered such scraps that they can turn into flaming condemnation.

    • So far apparently Governor Perry has considered the support of some of “these” people and groups to be a major plus so has not wanted to alienate them, but he needs to look at the bigger picture and ramifications, otherwise your suggestion that the “the left” can turn the issue into a “flaming condemnation” might certainly come true.

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